Excellence and quality

Bodegas Delauvin

Located in Castuera, capital of the region of La Serena, in Eastern Extremadura, Bodegas Delauvin was born to produce high quality wines that transmit the passion, the experience and the hard work of three generations of vine growers who love vines and their wines.

Wines of the land

Vineyards of the places: Egido, Chivetil y Cagancha

From sandy soils and quaternary deposits left throughout history by tributaries of the Guadiana, these plots provide 70% of the grapes produced by the winery. The remaining 30% is provided by vineyards in the area with similar characteristics, where all the work and harvest are carried out in close collaboration with Delauvín technical staff.

Los viñedos

The Romero family, owners of Bodegas Delauvin, work their own vineyards grown in sandy soils resulting from the tributaries flowing into the Guadiana river in the past.

All of their vineyards are conducted as bush vines. They are dry farmed, with limited irrigation support in the long and hot Summer season, to minimize the water stress and reach the optimal ripeness of the grapes, favoured by this region’s inexhaustible sunlight hours.

VARIETIES: Tempranillo for red wines and Macabeo, Cigüente and Perruno for whites.


Tempranillo for red wines and Macabeo, Cigüente and Perruno for whites. These last two varieties are old vines that the property maintains due to its identity with the area’s viticultural past, its adaptation to the terroir, as well as to the climate and its peculiar wines.

Our Wines

I.G.P. Vinos de la tierra de Extremadura

Red wines: single variety, 100% Tempranillo

White wines: made with Macabeo, Perruno and Cigüente (see-gwen-teh). The last two varieties are indigenous of our region and they come from very old vines that the family kept because of their uniqueness and because they are a link of identity with their past.

All the analysis, winemaking and quality control checkings are carried out by experts working at prestigious laboratories both in Spain and abroad.


The grape harvest is done manually by expert workers supervised by the winery’s foreman. It usually starts somewhere between mid-August and early September and it is usually done by night and during the first hours of dawn, when the temperatures are still low. In this way, the grapes keep fresh and it is easier to preserve all the aromas inside them. A thorough grape sorting is carried out directly in the vineyard during the harvest. Then the grapes are carried to the winery in 350kg. containers.

The oenological, analytical and sensorial controls are entrusted to laboratories and oenologists of national and international prestige.


The winery’s new premises were finished in 2013. There’s a new wine aging cellar located 5 meters underground, where the wines can rest and age in a silent atmosphere, protected from direct light and from sudden changes of weather that could affect their organoleptic properties.